350 Employees Working for Microsoft fired by HCL Technologies - Important

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 350 Employees Working for Microsoft fired by HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies, 1/3 of software exporters in India, has laid off 350 employees worldwide who work on products related to Microsoft's CEO report, showing the company's increasingly weak position. Employees have been told about equality in the city hall last week, people are aware of the announced improvement. These workers were driven from all over the world, including Guatemala, the Philippines and India, to name a few. The remaining days of work for the employees may be September 30 and they will be paid severance pay. "Microsoft has a problem with user quality. We filter, design and edit content from its MSN news platform from countries like India, Europe and the USA. Recently, they have developed a system for global news tracking. Before that, last year, Burda Media started running this website online,”

There is also potential in various products such as popular items in Bing, geopolitical news processing, comment processing, tabloid hit applications, and changes from the most influential groups. People familiar with the matter said that their contract with HCL Technologies has expired and other vendors are likely to pass those miles immediately. Similarly, two years ago Burda Media fired 200 workers when its contract expired. "Our technology and vertical operations continue to experience strong growth and are one of the fastest growing segments for us," providing no details on the issue related to the layoffs.

This comes at a time when India's IT industry is already experiencing significant pressure due to the impending recession and recession in markets like the US and Europe, the company's biggest markets. The progress points to a continued rebound in business activity, finance and a shift in focus from Big Tech subsidiaries, including Microsoft, Google and Meta.

In a major economic slowdown, Microsoft became one of the first Big Tech companies to lay off about 1% of its total 1.8 lakh jobs in July, followed by another 200 in August. CEO Satya Nadella called it part of his reforms. The company also updated its marketing goals. Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also announced layoffs to make the company 20 percent greener recently after internal warnings to employees helping to improve overall performance. Meta has also stepped up its pace of investment in new projects despite falling earnings. In general, Big Techs have reduced their employment. According to a file from Xpheno, in India, and Meta, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix and Google, the opening of the total energy service was less than 9,000 in August compared to the total daily opening of more than 40,000. Amazon is still the exception to the rule of thumb for moderate and easy travel.

Among the top 3 IT companies Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and Wipro, there have been delays or reductions in part of the salaries of flexible workers, mainly for senior executives for the April-June sector. Interestingly, HCL Technologies, however, has no problem paying variable wages at the same time it brings raises to employees.


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